The Hardest Part of Blogging

Blogging shouldn’t be so hard right? Maybe, but not quite. I thought that the hardest part of blogging was setting up my site on a more advanced platform. Or how scared I was to share my posts online to more than just my family. Then how embarrassed I was after seeing that 5 people had actually read my post &…

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Dog Mom

Finding Zeppelin

Have you ever felt like the world or universe is trying to tell you something? Have you ever felt like it’s trying to give you a sign? You come so close to getting something you’ve been wanting so badly, but for some reason it doesn’t work out & you are completely fine with it because it wasn’t EXACTLY what you…

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Nail Polish

3 Secrets For Stronger Nails

I know that having long nails isn’t for everyone, but weak, brittle & flaking nails is enough to drive anyone crazy. Whether you just want a coat of polish to go on smoothly, or you’re just sick & tired of snagging & ripping your nails on everything you touch, I found something that really helps to make them stronger! I…

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