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Which Do You Choose First, The Date Or The Venue?

Last February, almost a year ago now, I wrote a post about how Joey & I chose the date for our wedding. This was before we decided that the wedding would be in Maine, & obviously before we had chosen our venue. Lesson learned.

We visited Maine to checkout some venues along the coast shortly after I found out I was pregnant. When we found the venue that we liked, we thought we had plenty of time to reserve our date. After all, it was still over two years away. I didn’t want to book right away because we had a baby on the way & I didn’t know if the venue would have required a deposit. Also, the venue didn’t have packages typed up for 2019 at that point, & what if I had booked it based on something they offered in 2018 that they wouldn’t be offering come 2019?

I thought we’d have plenty of time as long as I was on top of things starting January.

Hello January. Sure it’s a little late in the month, but I’d still say I’m on top of things considering. So I contacted the venue today, & take a wild guess which is the only weekend in August 2019 that is already booked. You’ve guessed correctly! It would be my weekend, the one that I was afraid to book last year.

Please tell me, is this something I should have known from the start? Or do people plan their weddings around a sentimental date all the time? Family & friends, you will be receiving Save The Dates by the end of the year so that you will have plenty of time to make overnight arrangements if needed. I wouldn’t want you to run into the same problem that I’ve experienced today with our venue.

Week three baby post going up in a few days. I will be using the same password for all of the baby posts that go up. Again, contact me by email if you would like access.

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