Password Protected

So the password thing threw everyone off the other day, eh?

I wrote my first post of 2018 last week, the first post I’ve written in a while actually. It feels great to have something significant to write about, & actually have a little bit more time to turn it into a post. Regular ramble on about nothing posts will still be put up as simply as this one, however, posts & pictures of our newest adventure will require a password for access.

In order to get the password, you will need to contact me directly at alexxasays@gmail.com, or text me if you have my info.

Don’t forget to add your email in the box to the right (or at the bottom if you’re on your phone) to receive our updates if you haven’t already.

<3 =]

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Hey! Welcome to alexxasays.com! Just trying to keep the family up to date with what is going with us & our new addition to the family! If you would like access to the newer posts, please email me to get the passcode. =]
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