Irma – The Storm From My Absent Point of View

Before Irma

I’ve never felt such a panicked depression before. An eerie silence had fallen over our town, filled with anxiety. It made socializing uncomfortable & awkward since it was the only thing anyone could think about. Irma was on the way & the media couldn’t give us a sure prediction on where it was going. Basically, this thing could take out the entire state of Florida.

I’ve had a vacation planned for almost two months now. Since it would be my last trip home before the baby is due, we wanted to have a family baby shower. It meant a lot & was important to me. I was scheduled to fly out that Saturday & I was calm & confident that everything would go as smoothly as planned. Of course an act of Mother Nature would jeopardize everything.

Due to the unpredictable path & strength of Irma, my original flight was cancelled Thursday afternoon. That’s when the panic hit me hard.

“It’s not going to be safe here. What about the baby shower? How do I prepare for a hurricane? I’m going to be dead weight & useless here. What about my dogs? I need to find another flight. I don’t want family to worry.”

The last few hours at work were miserable that day, & looking for a new ticket was even more depressing. Each ticket I found was sold before I could even enter my credit card info. Everyone was getting out because of Irma. After a panicked call home, mom reassured me that I would have a ride if I could get at least halfway there. That’s when I expanded my search & was finally able to book a ticket for Friday into Connecticut; a six hour drive home.

The hard part is over right?

Not exactly.

During Irma

I was safe, for which I was thankful. But what about Joey & his family? I never realized that you could actually be worried sick. Irma was still all I could think about. Joey was busy preparing for whatever could happen next. He couldn’t be on the phone with me the entire time, which I understood & accepted, no matter how bad it sucked.

I was thankful that the baby shower was still on for Sunday. It was nice to have something else to focus on, rather than think of how badly Irma hit near home. At some point during the day, Joey sent a text saying that the power went out & that he was turning off his phone to save to the battery. I didn’t hear from him again until 6 a.m. Monday.

The amount of relief I felt after that one phone call is indescribable. He & his family were okay, the dogs were okay, no flooding, no property damage. A dramatic weight had been lifted & I could think clearly again. We had lost power, but we understand it could have been so much worse. I was exhausted from the worry & panic that Irma had caused. I was ready to get home to see Joey & the girls. Thankfully, I had been able to keep my original return flight for Wednesday. Mom would be joining me for the second half of my vacation. Unfortunately, the Irma excitement wasn’t over yet, but we’ll leave that for later. Check back for an after the storm update!

Big thank you to the family & friends for hosting & attending the baby shower! It was wonderful to see everyone & cant wait to introduce you to our little one next summer! Please send an email to alexxasays@gmail.com including your mailing address so I can get your thank-yous sent out!

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