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Setting A Wedding Date

I know it’s been a while, but in my last post I announced that My Best Friend Has Asked Me To Marry Him. I was so happy & excited that at first, I had forgotten about the whole wedding part. We didn’t want to feel rushed with the planning or anything, so the first thing that we’ve decided on was setting the date for sometime in 2019. I feel like that should give us more than enough time.

Choosing a state for the wedding

The family & friends back home is going to love this part. The next decision we needed to make was which state to get married in. I’m excited to tell you that Joey brought up the idea of getting married in Maine! I cant believe that he brought it up before I did. He knows it would be easier than trying to get my family to Florida all at once. Plus he has family up that way too so it’s a great idea all around. I’m slightly concerned about planning everything from this distance, as I’ve said, I SHOULD have enough time to get everything perfect. Sounds like I may be back & forth quite a bit to get things straight before the big day. 

Choosing the wedding date

This is how we narrowed it down to the date we picked. Knowing that summer doesn’t stick around very long up there, we only have a couple months to work with. Considering that 60 degrees is cold to me now after being in Florida for four years, a winter wedding was out of the question. Our dating anniversary is August 10th, which just so happens to fall on a Saturday in the year of 2019. Sounds like it should be a perfect summer day in Maine to get hitched! ❤

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