Just A Quick Note

Oh hello there!

A lot has happened in the past two months. For starters, we are officially homeowners! We have closed & moved into our new home on October 17th, & things are finally starting to feel normal again.

Moving into our new home!
Moving into our new home!

For the first two & a half weeks we couldn’t get t.v. or internet. It was weird going back & forth to Redbox, but at the same time it was almost peaceful being somewhat disconnected & off the grid for a while.

Now that we have internet, I feel like a high maintenance snob because of how unacceptably slow the connection is. I’m pretty sure I’d be better off with dial up at this point, if that still exists.

I’ve been looking into getting back into this blogging thing; planning ahead, scheduling, stocking up, investing a little here & there, etc. But then I realized I haven’t even been posting. Might as well just start, & keep writing before I really do any of those things. I’ve been out of the game for so long it seems that I have forgotten what to do & became really shy & self conscious about what I write.

So this is where I’m deciding to write, stay consistent, & start reading other blogs again. Everything else will follow if I just set the pace.

Thanks for reading & have a fabulous day!
(: <3

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