House Hunting – The Thoughts That Cross Your Mind

I never expected that we would get to this point. But I also didn’t expect it to take this long. It has been almost 10 months since Joey & I have made our Big Decision. We’ve obviously been putting it off, up until now. We’ve finally started our house hunt on a serious note, & each house we view raises questions & thoughts I never would have considered before hand.

Thoughts On House Hunting

  • We need to start throwing away everything, ASAP!
  • We can’t buy the very first house we look at, we have nothing to compare it to!
  • Stop spending money! On stuff for yourself, the house, the dog, just STOP!
  • The doorknobs don’t match. The doorknobs, DO NOT MATCH!
  • Let’s just pick one so we can get another dog.
  • I started Christmas shopping! Hopefully I can find the gifts after we move..
  • No, I will not do your laundry in the garage. Why is that a thing in Florida?
  • What is a split floor plan exactly?
  • Why didn’t we make an offer on the first one we looked at?
  • Oh, people still live here? That’s awkward..
  • The tile is pink..
  • There isn’t enough space in this garage for my new Camaro & your dirt bike.
  • Look how many shoes I could fit in this closet!
  • Uh, where would we put the couch?
  • Yup, that tree would have to go.
  • Are you sure the first house is sold already?

When I was shopping for my first car, I remember sitting in it the first time & I just knew. I’m expecting to get that same “this is it” feeling that I remember so vividly when we find the right house. But I didn’t realize how much I liked the first one until after we saw the others. They just go so quickly, but I want to make sure we buy the right one. It makes it difficult, but I think we are getting closer to finding the right one.

& for the record, I did not buy a Camaro. Yet.

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