7 Fitbit Hacks – How To Consistently Hit Your 10k Goal

The first Fitbit I had bought was a last minute Christmas idea for Joey. Come February, I was DYING to find out how it worked. He hadn’t even looked at his Fitbit since Christmas morning. I threatened that I was going to open & use it myself if he didn’t, but I just ended up buying one for myself anyways. I had become obsessed with my Fitbit. (Read Calories – A Counting Game) I couldn’t believe how difficult a goal of 10,000 steps would be. At first it was discouraging, considering I sit in front of a computer all day at work. Joey was averaging 15k steps a day while he was at work. Since then, I have really stepped up my game. Fine. This week, I have stepped up my game & have hit every day once I’ve made up my mind to do so.

How to hit consistently your Fitbit step goal

1. Harass everybody you know (or enjoy a conversation with) to get a Fitbit.

2. If you interact with anyone & notice that they are wearing a Fitbit, ask for their email & add them through the Fitbit app.

3. A good friend will challenge you, & piss you off because getting the most steps has turned into a cut throat war. Must beat said friend, always!

4. Find someone crazy enough to walk a bridge with you, even if it looks like a crazy storm is headed your way.


5. Scatter chores throughout the house. Leave a laundry basket full of clothes in the farthest room from where they need to be put away. Fold & put away once piece of laundry at a time.

6. Dog driving you crazy? Go outside & take her for a walk. Around the town, block, house, just hit 10k.

7. Charge your Fitbit when it will not take away from your steps. If you don’t care about it logging sleep quality, charge it while you sleep. I however, keep the charger in the bathroom & only put it on charge when I’m in the shower. For God’s sake do not, I repeat, DO NOT forget to put that sucker back on!

How do you make sure you hit your step goals? I love comparing step counts with friends! If you have a Fitbit, be sure to add me by email (alexxasays@gmail.com)

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2 thoughts on “7 Fitbit Hacks – How To Consistently Hit Your 10k Goal

  1. Lol these were so good and funny!!! I am in the “harassing everyone I know to get one” stage, haha. I got my husband one for his birthday earlier this year and he ended up taking it back and now that I have one I’m like begging him PLEASE GET ONE!! I had no idea 10k was so hard to hit. And all these walks in the Texas summer isn’t my favorite but I’m so determined!!

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