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Finding Zeppelin

Have you ever felt like the world or universe is trying to tell you something? Have you ever felt like it’s trying to give you a sign? You come so close to getting something you’ve been wanting so badly, but for some reason it doesn’t work out & you are completely fine with it because it wasn’t EXACTLY what you had in mind. I’m not sure if I’m religious, but I do believe in some sort of higher power. Whether or not it is God or the universe, something is trying to give me a message. Something good is coming my way, I just know it. Or maybe I sound completely insane, which we can’t quite cross of the list yet, but hear me out here.

Joey & I have decided a very long time ago that we wanted another dog. We wanted to wait until Layla was at least two years old so that she would be the big sister to a little red nose pit bull puppy, & his name will be Zeppelin. We wanted to wait until we moved into the new house, but obviously that mission got put onto the back burner for now, & strange things regarding dogs have been happening that makes me think that Zeppelin is going to fall into our lives sooner than we have expected, just like his sister Layla had over a year & a half ago.

First a coworker came to me with a picture of a six month old husky. She told me that they needed to find a good home for it ASAP. So of course I went home & spoke to Joey about it; he wasn’t real impressed. I had convinced him we should let Layla meet the husky before we make a final decision. When I got back to my coworker the next day, I asked about meeting the dog, & she had told me that they had already found a home for the husky. I was a little bummed out, but it was okay because it was out of the blue, & not exactly what we had in mind. Most importantly the husky has found a home.

While Joey’s parents went away last weekend, we brought their dog, Alice, to our house. Layla absolutely loved having Alice in the house to chase after, & we were slightly nervous at first because Layla doesn’t quite understand when enough is enough, but we could not believe the amount of patience that Alice had with her. They played hard for two days chasing each other back & forth, & it was nice knowing how Layla will react to having another dog in the house. However, Monday while I was at work, & both dogs were at the house, I get a phone call on the office phone from Joey. I knew it had to be something important for him to call me at work, & hearing his voice, he was pissed which made me nervous.

He had rescued a small yorkie that was wandering outside near the highway where he works. His fur was matted, he was infested with fleas, & was limping terribly. Joey said unless he could find someone to take care of the little dog, he was going to bring it home for us to make sure that it got the proper treatment & home it needed. I was kind of excited thinking we were going to have a little dog running around. When I got home though, Joey said he was able to find someone to take care of him. Again, I’m slightly bummed out, but it’s okay because that dog wasn’t Zeppelin either.

Before we got Layla, we were trying so hard to find a dog that we could bring home, & we weren’t even looking for anything specific. We were turned away from a handful of shelters & it didn’t seem worth looking anymore until a friend reached out told us about a litter of puppies that needed a home. No, we didn’t adopt, but we did try like hell, & we may have even prevented a surrender to a shelter. Layla just fell into our lives & she was perfect; exactly what we were looking for. I believe because of the events that have been happening & because of how we found Layla, little Zeppelin is on his way trying to find us.

What do you think? Do you believe in receiving signs from the world? Or is it how we perceive the events in our lives?

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1 thought on “Finding Zeppelin

  1. I’m a believer that things happen when they are ready and when you least expect them to.

    I’m so happy that Joey helped save that Yorkie. What a good man.

    Things will work out and eventually all the puzzle pieces will fit.

    Great to see you back hun!

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