3 Secrets For Stronger Nails

I know that having long nails isn’t for everyone, but weak, brittle & flaking nails is enough to drive anyone crazy. Whether you just want a coat of polish to go on smoothly, or you’re just sick & tired of snagging & ripping your nails on everything you touch, I found something that really helps to make them stronger! I started getting my nails done at the salon because my nails kept fraying & breaking, & the hangnails I kept getting were horrible. I had convinced myself that it was the blue nail polish remover that I had picked up in a hurry. It wasn’t the kind I normally use, but I don’t want to give away that secret just yet. Once I stopped using that remover because of the acrylics, the hangnails went away. However when I decided to take the acrylics off, the hangnails came back & my nails were super thin & wouldn’t stop peeling & breaking again. I started looking for a couple products to help repair my nails & make them grow stronger so that they were worthy of nail polish again, & these are the items that, to my surprise, worked really well!

The first product I tried was a new 3 in 1 base coat, top coat & strengthener by O.P.I. I constantly wore this, even when I had no intention of wearing a polish color. I did notice that my nails were stronger while I was wearing it, & it makes my nail polish POP, but my nails still weren’t strong enough to prevent breakage & they still weren’t growing long enough to paint without coating the entire tip of my finger. So I started taking biotin, a supplement in the vitamin section that is used for hair, skin & nails. As directed, the bottle said one pill twice a day. I didn’t see much improvement, so when it was gone I didn’t rush out to get more. However, one day as I was browsing in Target, I decided to try the biotin again, only this time I grabbed the high potency one. I’ve been take one every morning, & soon enough I realized that my nails grew out longer than the tip of my fingers for the first time since last summer! I was so happy to have nails that would look nice painted again! So my nails were stronger, but now it was time to fix those hangnails. I made sure to go out & get PURPLE nail polish remover. As I’ve said before, I am CONVINCED that the hangnails were caused by the blue polish remover. I almost always grab the purple bottle, & it hasn’t seemed to matter about the brand either. The purple remover usually says “strengthening” on the label, & I’ve used Target’s Up&Up brand & Walgreen’s Studio35Beauty & they both work very well for me. I still have a few minor hangnails from dryness, but they aren’t nearly as deep or painful as they were.

Just Showing These Off

stronger nails with new OPI polish
Using these three products together has really helped save my nails, & they are most definitely stronger. I feel like they look pretty again & I just needed to share! Do you have your own secrets or tips that you use to keep your nails strong & hangnails to a minimum?
Also, remember The Polish Experiment? I wouldn’t exactly say that the results are in, but I have made a few conclusions I’d like to share! That post should be up in a few days so check back!

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