Welcome To Adulthood – 10 Signs That May Mean You’re Officially An Adult

I didn’t plan on being gone so long. I wanted to ease myself back into this a lot sooner, but adult life has taken over I guess & everything that I have written down sounded so different once I had it typed out. They never seemed worth sharing. As a quick catch up since the last time I’ve posted, I have made a weekend trip home, gone slightly overboard with my Shoelover Premier status, & may have become obsessed with Scentsy products & I’m eager to try as many scent bars as possible. The Netflix addiction is no new news to anyone, but I’ve since completed the seasons of How I Met Your Mother, Fuller House, I’m currently working on the 10 seasons of Criminal Minds & my friend Courtney has insisted that I add Wentworth to the lineup.

But the past two days I’ve been writing down changes I’ve noticed about myself lately that might mean that I am officially an adult. You usually can never go wrong with a list, so here I go jumping back into the blogging world by listing out the signs I’ve reached adulthood.

1. Even on my day off, I can’t help but be up at 7:30

2. I used to be able to get up & go, but now I can’t function without peeing & blowing my nose first thing

3. It’s a struggle everyday to stay up until 10:00

4. I no longer need to add sugar to my coffee

5. Clothes that I’ve had for years just don’t fit anymore

6. My clothing style has become more modest & somewhat ladylike

7. Updating statuses on social media doesn’t seem so important anymore

8. I’m starting to enjoy trips to Home Depot & often find myself asking to walk through the garden center

9. I didn’t ask for any birthday gifts this year

10. But my ideal birthday gift was getting a new washer & dryer delivered & installed by the time I got home from work!

Also wanted to give a shout out & thank everyone for all of the happy birthday wishes I have received, & thank the great friends who came out to celebrate with me! I appreciate everything & I thank you all!! Of course a big thank you to Joey as well for listening to my concern about our laundry & helping me put my plan to get new machines into action. Love you! <3 adulthood

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