Cauliflower Recipes & Layla’s New Hoodie

Alright, so I’ve been meaning to share this for quite a few months now. I am in love with cauliflower. Now, I am by no means what I would consider a cook or a chef, ha! But I will be honest & say that I have been getting a little bit more experimental in the kitchen. My Nana shares recipes that she stumbles upon quite frequently over Facebook, & one of them really stood out to me. It didn’t sound too difficult at all & it included bacon. Cauliflower & bacon. Enough said. I needed to try it. So I did, & both Joey & I LOVED it! I’ve actually taken it to work for potluck twice now, & have prepared it for my mom when she came to stay, & recently for my Dear Friend who has come over for dinner one evening. I have not heard any complaints, except about the mushrooms the first time I took it to work, so I haven’t included the mushrooms since. Personally, I think that the texture of the mushrooms just doesn’t flow with the rest of the dish, & I actually really like mushrooms.
After I made this for the first time, I think it was back in September, I would make this probably twice a week. We liked it that much. The first time or two, I followed the recipe to the T, but then I started leaving out the mushrooms, & then used more bacon than asked for, (can never have too much bacon), & I kind of formed a different way of preparing this dish, & it seems to become more delicious every time. There is no way that you can mess this recipe up because if it was possible, I would have done it already. So if you love cauliflower & bacon, you can find the recipe right HERE.

Also while scrolling through the recipes that my Nana has shared, I found another recipe for cauliflower fried rice! I have tried this too, but to be honest, my pan was way to small for the amount I was trying to make. It was still delicious though, & I’m considering cauliflower the super food for inexperienced cooks. It seems like no matter what I attempt to cook including cauliflower always turns out GREAT even if I change the recipe to my own preference or try to experiment by adding something new to it. You can also find this recipe for cauliflower fried rice on facebook right HERE!

&& as promised from an earlier facebook post, my adorable little Layla rockin’ her new hoodie from Target, & she doesn’t look as miserable nor hate it as much as I though she would! I’m so happy I now know where I can by clothes for my dog that actually fit her! The hoodie is surprisingly a little bit big, but every other XL I have tried on her was too small! I WILL be going back for the navy one in the next couple of days!


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