Calories – A Counting Game

In my college psychology class, I remember learning the difference between hunger & appetite. Since getting my Fitbit, I have learned a few more things about hunger & appetite. Hunger is defined as the need to eat, as appetite is the desire to eat. There is a very fine line between the two, & recently I have found that visualizing one serving of a food compared to mindlessly eating from the bag or container is much more filling. Now, I know that I do not necessarily NEED to be counting calories, but it is one of the many features that have come along with the Fitbit app. I have become completely obsessed with every feature that has come with this Fitbit, & after spending $100 on this little gadget, you can bet that I will be using every single one of them. Also, being able to watch the calories come in & out has been changing the way my brain thinks about hunger. If I’m noticing that I do not have as many calories in as I do out, or burned off, I am suddenly starving, & vice versa.


Counting calories is not easy by any means. Sure, the app makes it as simple as an app can, allowing you to search for the foods you log, or by scanning the bar code on the food product, but what about the fresh foods from the produce section? Or the meals that you make at home with the quality meats & veggies that you purchase from the produce section? I’m still working on that to be honest with you, but hey, I’m only five days into this. The other night while preparing a salad for Joey & I, let’s face it. I was being absolutely ridiculous. I made our salads separately so that I could measure out exactly how many cups of chopped peppers & cucumbers that I had in each, along with scanning the bag of Tyson buffalo chicken strips, so that we could log our calorie intake as accurately as possible.

In an attempt to make this process slightly easier, I currently have a kitchen scale in my cart on Amazon. The food products listed in the Fitbit app allows me to select the serving size I consume by grams, ounces, slice, serving, etc. So I definitely think this will help when I just want something to much on, like, lets say goldfish. On the nutrition label, it says that a serving of goldfish is approximately 30 grams, or about 55 pieces. Yes, I am ridiculous enough to count out 55 pieces, but damn. That sounds exhausting for a simple snack. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been counting out 24 almonds for a precise serving every day for the past week, but 55 pieces is a bit much. Along with the kitchen scale in my shopping cart, I have PINK measuring cups on the way too! If I’m getting the scale this might not be necessary, but the bright blue ones that I have now are conveniently missing the 1/4 cup measure. Ironically, this is the one that I look for almost EVERY time I reach for them, so a new set probably won’t hurt. Plus, they’re pink. Can never go wrong with pink.

Do you count calories? Is there an easier way to do this, or am I just going at this all completely wrong? Are you using the Fitbit calorie counter too? Please share your tips with me!!

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