Plantains – Pinterest Experiment Part One

I’ve started a new pin board called Let’s Try It, & that’s exactly what I wanted to do on my day off yesterday. This girl at work makes awesome plantain chips, so good, that I made her tell me what seasonings she uses so that I could try to make them myself. I ran out to the WalMart & bought myself a mandolin, & decided that six plantains would probably be enough.
plantains_pe_part1Who would have guessed that peeling plantains would be such a pain in the ass? Absolutely nothing like peeling a simple banana. Once I got a few plantains out of their skin & after the peeling turned my fingers black, it was time to test out my new mandolin. I did start out using the guard that comes with it, but it only allowed me to slice about half of the plantain so I ditched it pretty quick. It didn’t take very long to discover why they recommended using it though; good thing I got a new package of cupcake band-aids for Christmas.
plantainsWhen I first started slicing the plantains, I remembered that my friend had told me to get them as thin as possible, so that was the insert that I tried first. They ended up being too thin. They were flimsy & almost stringy. That was definitely not going to work so I grabbed the thick slice insert, & those seemed like they would be just thin enough. I put some vegetable oil in a pan & turned the burner up to 4. I dropped in the plantains & let them cook for a few minutes until they were a golden color & the edges just started to turn brown. I thought I had succeeded, they looked great! So I dusted them with the special seasoning & went to try one &.. The inside was weird & chewy. Not quite like my friend’s, but the crispy edges were pretty good.
I began cleaning up, I was discouraged, my finger hurt, & I felt like I had just wasted my whole day off. It was when I was cleaning the mandolin that I realized that there was another insert for medium slices. I suppose I will try again this weekend with my last two plantains. This time I will know what I am going up against when it comes down to cutting off the peeling & keeping the mandolin under control!

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