Polish Experiment – I Broke Down

I’ve done something horrible. I have done something really, really bad. As some real girly girls would say. But I got fed up, there was no getting used to it. I couldn’t even plug my own cell phone in without help for crying out loud. They were far too perfect, something that I am obviously far from. But they wouldn’t change either, & this was something that I liked changed; changed a lot. But this was something that, if I wanted them changed, was very time consuming, & rather pricey. Now that I break it down, I have paid $70 (at least) per month since October to keep my fingernails salon perfect; I missed my own cheap manicures with regular polish. I bumped my pinky nail on the coffee table last Sunday when I started binge watching the new Netflix series, Making A Murderer, & that was the last of it.

polish experiment
I didn’t think that this was a serious bump, until this new show had me on edge. As a habit, I press upward on my fingernails with my thumb, & where I had bumped my pinky nail, there was a tear in the acrylic. Which lead to bending it back & forth, to ripping it off completely. Have you watched this show yet by the way? It was pretty intense & had me on edge chewing the rest of my acrylics completely off. A whole ten episodes in one sitting, & no I am not one bit ashamed. I for one, completely think that he is completely innocent, considering that there is absolutely no proof of DNA in his house OR garage & that the investigators that think they actually found something, when they weren’t even supposed to have anything to do with the investigation because of the conflict of interest, but who am I to voice my opinion on what’s sketchy or not. Please just watch it.
Anyways, it felt some good to paint my nails for the very first time in almost four months, but it is a little bit depressing that my nails now have ridges in them really bad from each time I got an acrylic fill. I bought two new nail polishes today on the clearance rack at Target for a dollar each & I feel somewhat normal again. Before I had started getting my nails done, this kid at work asked me how many manicures it took to actually finish a whole bottle. I was at a loss for words. I don’t know what bothered me more; why it mattered to him how many times you can use one bottle of polish, or why I have every bottle of polish I’ve purchased or received as a gift since before college. I had realized that I have never completely used up an entire bottle of nail polish. The next time I came across this kid at work he told me that he had googled it, & I can’t remember the number he had found out, but he had challenged me to find out myself exactly how many times I would need to paint my nails to use up an entire bottle.
So today I have purchased a yellow by Sinful Colors for $1.41 on the Target clearance rack. I have used three coats, to try & cover the ridges from the acrylics as best as I could, & obviously used my CND top coat & rounded off the tips to try & make this manicure last. As far as yellow nail polish goes, I’m actually really impressed with the thickness it went on & how it filled in those undesirable ridges. It did take that third coat to get the right opacity, & I am really not a fan of yellow, but for some reason it looks great on my nails. In my opinion anyways.
I had intentionally planned on doing my little experiment on the lime green that I had also bought today, but I was just so anxious to see how well the yellow would cover & it went on so well, I just couldn’t stop. I have really missed painting my own nails, it almost feels like some sort of relief. Let’s see how long I can go with this yellow before I either get sick of this color or the bottle runs out. Which do you think will happen first? I’m pretty sure that I will not be able to keep this color on for a whole bottle but then again, I remember how crazy I was if my paint job got messed up even just the slightest.
Have you ever used up a bottle completely? One of my friends only uses one bottle of nail polish at a time & refuses to purchase another until that bottle is completely gone. I find that completely insane, but at the same time entirely practical. What do you think? Use a full bottle of polish before buying another? Or changing your color every time?

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