Dear Friend

Dear Friend,
It’s been a while since i’ve seen you. I miss you dearly. We haven’t really known each other for very long, but being from the same general area as we were growing up, I feel that we have had a good connection straight from the beginning. You are beautiful; absolutely gorgeous, but most importantly, you have a good heart. One, that most people would over look because of the fact that you are completely gorgeous in every way. I miss you, you were a good friend, & I would love you have you back in my life. I have respected your distance as I thought you have needed, as you have respected mine. Being a friend that didn’t expect more than what was offered, but most importantly, respected my honest answer when I couldn’t be who you wanted me to be when the time had occurred, to be a good friend to another. I had recently discovered why you have disappeared from my life, & I absolutely do not blame you one bit. I completely understand. I was a little hurt upon finding out the truth from another but yourself. But I do believe that you had tried to tell me, at one point. I do remember the conversation, almost as if it were this past weekend. I was so oblivious, & I was not taking your own personal thoughts & emotions into consideration, for which I apologize. I wish I had recognized what you were trying to tell me, yet I was selfish, & overlooked everything. I do hope that you forgive me, dear friend, & I hope that you know that I am still here for you, & that I respect you & your decisions. I know things have not been easy for you, & I do wish that I could have been there for you. But when you need me, I hope that you know that I WILL be here. I just wanted you to know that I care about you & your well being. I trust your judgment, I hope that you are well.

-Alexxa :)<3

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