Goals For January

In my most recent Blog Review post, I had claimed that I only had one goal for the year; to become a better blogger. While this is true, I got to thinking about my list of goals that I came up with for last year. Some, I already knew were going to happen, some were more of an unachievable guideline. I started writing a to do list for myself, & I realized that instead of making one giant list for the year, I should just pick five, semi-important & practical things each month that NEEDS to be done. This way, I am not overwhelmed by everything all at once, & I can actually focus on certain things & GET. THEM. DONE. I’m sure other important things will pop up throughout the month, but if it’s something that can wait, I have a head start on creating my goal list for February. Bring it on 2016!!


  • Set up my new computer. I am so freaking excited about this, but my new HP Pavilion deserves a beautiful new computer desk to sit on. I ordered this one from Target, (thank you Uncle, this is what the card went towards!) & I am so anxious for it to arrive!
  • Call conference with my lawyer. I’ve been waiting for this for over four years now. I’ve finally found the time for myself, & I was finally able to speak to someone who can actually work me into his busy lawyer schedule, so we’ll see how this goes.
  • Switch my blog platform to Squarespace. WordPress, it’s been great & all, kinda, but Helene made the switch & it sounds like she’s pretty happy. Sorry, but she’s got me sold.
  • Schedule an appointment for Joey & I to sit down with a mortgage consultant. As scared as I may be about this, it’s time to get the ball rolling.
  • Edit my pin boards on Pinterest. Some of my boards & pins haven’t been touched in probably over two years. Be sure to follow me here, & just so you know, after I read a pin, if it’s worth reading more than once, I edit the description by adding ** before the text.

So what have you come up with this year for goals & resolutions? Do you have a game plan to get them all done before the year is over? Also, who else has heard about or is using Squarespace? I want your feedback people!

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