Blog Review – Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone has had a safe New Year’s eve, & that 2015 has brought you all the happiness & growth that everyone has been striving for! I know that for me, 2015 has flown right by, & I had kind of forgotten about my list of goals that I have set for myself here on the blog. Although some were completed, & some were wishful thinking, I’d say it’s been a good year over all. It went by quickly that’s for sure! How has everyone else done on their 2015 resolutions & goals? The only goal that I have set for myself for 2016 is to become a better blogger. I have no doubt that all of the other things will fall into place accordingly.


Blog Stats

This time last year, alexxasays didn’t even exist! I had started my blog experience with my Keep In Touch. Who remembers that? I can’t even find the WordPress link to get back to it. I would probably shudder a little bit if I saw it at this point anyways. I like to believe that I’ve come a long way in the blogging world since then!

The best month that I’ve had statistically since I’ve created alexxasays, was the month of March. I seemed to be on top of my game with this blog, cranking out the posts but numbers started continuously dropping until about October. I have started to step it back up in October, which was when I started seeing numbers rise again. I still haven’t been able to find a pattern or routine that works for me yet like I had hoped, so here’s to finding that perfect balance for the blog in 2016!

The top post that I have written in 2015 was 10 Things Forgotten About Cold Weather that I had written shortly after creating this blog in February. This actually really surprises me, because with my most recent trip up north I definitely could have added to this. Hopefully when we make our trip up there this coming February, it will refresh my memory & I can create a part two!

Not far behind my top post, there were two that tied for second place. Both of these posts I have written a few weeks ago in December. The first was when I had announced our Big Decision, & the other was when I delivered The Best Christmas gift to my family.

To my family & readers, which posts did you enjoy reading the most? What posts did you other bloggers receive the most hits on? Share your top posts of 2015 with me in the comments below!

Wishing everyone a happy New Year!

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