The Best Christmas Gift

I’ve managed to come up with the best Christmas gift this year. Back in November, in one of the Happy Posts, I’ve mentioned that I had come up with a great gift idea for the family. That weekend, I had it purchased & out of the way. You have NO idea how excited I was about it, & last weekend it was time put everything into action. It was quite the surprise, & I’ve managed to pull it off almost perfectly. Let me rewind a little here a little bit to fill you in.

The weekend Joey & I went camping up near Orlando, I got a little bit crazy with ebay. I was trying to find something very specific for Joey’s Christmas gift, & finally I found one & had it ordered. Once the confirmation email was sent to me, I had realized that it was expected to arrive on December 11th, at my mom’s house up north. I frantically called my mom & told her what I had done, & asked her to keep an eye out for this package. However, I was able to contact the seller of the item that I had purchased, & I cancelled the order. I did not tell my mother. I instead bought a plane ticket home.

When I flew in, my Nana picked me up at the airport, & we met up with Auntie & my little cousin LJ for lunch. LJ had no idea that I was coming & she was very surprised to see me, which was exactly my game plan. Nobody knew I was coming. Except my Nana & Auntie. I was a ghost in a familiar town for a whole six hours while Nana & I did minor gift shopping & had lunch. My mother would be getting out at work at four, & I wanted to be there when she got home for her Christmas surprise.

When I got to my mom’s house, she still was not home yet, I had realized that had forgotten to bring my old house key back with me. I gave her a call to see how far away she was & tell her I really needed her to bring the package that should have been delivered inside. She said that she’d call me back & that she would be home in five to ten minutes. She lied. After ten minutes, I was freezing, so I hopped back in the car & took off. As I was driving up the road, I noticed her little white car pass me so I turned around. By the time I pulled back into our door yard (“doah yahd”), she was already inside & the lights were on so I lightly knocked to give her a heads up & walked in.

Her reaction was priceless. She had the phone to her ear to call me back like she said she would & I told her that the package had arrived. It was then did she figure out that I was the package all along & I kept up with the story to make sure she was going to be home. I think she was very pleased with the idea of getting me as her Christmas gift; she wanted to show me off to everyone right away. We went up to my grandparent’s house so that they could get their Christmas surprise too.

My dad had tried texting me a couple of times Friday after I had arrived, but I had to keep my answers short, or I knew that I would ruin the surprise. When I stopped in the next night to give them their Christmas gift, everyone but my dad was surprised. It turns out, my dad called Joey to get our address since I was obviously being weird with my texts. Joey told him that I went shopping with my mother, & then was quick to realize I hadn’t surprised him yet. My dad was still glad that I was able to visit for Christmas, even though his reaction wasn’t as shocking as my mother’s was.

It was such a great weekend, & it definitely went by too quickly. But I think being able to visit everybody was better than any gift that I could have purchased & shipped up there. Everyone seemed to be pleased & thought that it was a great idea. I was even able to stop in to see my great grammie while I was in town. We had a short & pleasant visit, but most importantly, she was very surprised to see me too!

2 thoughts on “The Best Christmas Gift

  1. What a wonderful surprise for your family. That beats any gift you were able to give to them.
    Give Layla some Christmas kisses from the boys and I. God she’s a pretty girl, I love her face and eyes.

    Merry Christmas love!!! xoxoxo

  2. That is awesome, I didn’t know you were surprising them! Good one spilling the beans Joey lol and I love Laylas Christmas hat, so special. xo

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