A Big Decision

I started writing this post last night, but then I realized that I needed to talk to a couple people first. So tonight I was texting my mom, & I made sure to call my Nana last night after I decided to write this post. I’m getting ready to make a major adult decision, one that’s pretty scary, but ultimately exciting. A decision that not only is a big commitment for myself, but also to another person. I’m not talking about marriage, but making a decision to purchase a home with the person I love & trust the most.

It would be selfish of me, to not accept full responsibility on something like this. Which is why Joey & I had a real discussion about the reality of becoming homeowners. He has been wanting to purchase a house on his own for a while now, but all in all, how fair would that be? We both know that I have a lot that I am able to bring to the table too, & it wouldn’t be right for me to just let him just deal with certain components of the home buying process if I have a opportunities up my sleeve. So a decision has been made, that we will take this major step together.

I’ve got the fever. I don’t exactly know what sort of fever that is; you know how people can get baby fever? Well, I definitely do not have baby fever but I have been looking at houses in our preferred neighborhood all week long, & we’ve narrowed our search down to two different houses. I know that this may be impractical, considering we’re not even pre approved yet, but I can’t help it. It’s just too exciting. Houses around here don’t stay on the market for very long, & I’ve heard the process isn’t a quick one, at all. So I think I’m prepared to make a decision on a home three or four times before things fall into place.

I already have a busy couple of weeks ahead of me, especially since I am still trying to find a Perfect Gift Idea for Joey, but hopefully the week after Christmas, I’ll be able to set up an appointment to meet a mortgage officer (if that’s what you call it. I’m so clueless about this & it makes it even more scary!) & we can get the ball rolling. But in the meantime, I will be glued to realty sites, bookmarking pretty houses that seem to fit into our price range.

Let me ask you this, do you have any tips on the home buying process? I’m allowed to look at houses before we get prequalified, right? My friend Kara has just purchased her own home & has written about her experiences on her page, so be sure to check it out here! I hope that Joey & I have a great experience like that! 🙂

Also, once we get our own place, Joey said I am allowed to pick out a puppy brother for Layla. 😀

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  1. P.S. So excited you’ll get to get a new puppy! I’m trying for a kitten but I bet if I push for puppy instead I could get Tim to budge 😝

  2. Omg this is so exciting!!! Let me know if you have any questions girl!

    A few big tips from the beginning (things I should have done but didn’t)
    – Definitely shop around for your mortgage lender, make sure to ask about interest rates because they will vary place to place
    – Don’t be afraid to shop around for your real estate agent, interview them and read reviews, you don’t have to pick one and be stuck with them, so make sure you get someone you like. If your agent shows a house and tries to push you into getting it ASAP because it’ll “go too quick”, get a new agent, you shouldn’t feel pressured or rushed at all.
    – Ask questions! I’ll tell you, both talking to the bank and with our real estate agent, half the things they say went over our head and we had to stop them and ask them to explain – they’re used to it

    And of course, looks at plenty of houses! Trust me, you’ll know when you find the right one but don’t try to rush it. Every viewing is exciting but make sure you step back and think about it again, does it meet your criteria, location, what’s it missing. Take your time (this is one of those “do as I say not as I do” things parents always say hahaha)

    Oh and of course go in with an idea of exactly how much you can afford (don’t look at houses over that price!). There’s lots of things to pay for up front too, not just the closing costs at closing (which you can try to get the seller to pay). You’ll pay for the loan application, the inspections, and probably a few other small things including home repairs if the sellers won’t-it adds up quickly! Our inspections were almost a grand by themselves! Be prepared for that, your down payment, and any improvements you hope to make in the first few weeks. And trust me, you’ll have tons of ideas of things you want to buy or do before you move in – Tim and I want to buy all new furniture, wish we could afford to do it the day we moved in!

    When you meet the real estate agent go in with a list of exactly what you’re looking for in a home and a list of questions you have for them.

    And when you go see a home bring paper and pen for notes, take LOTS of photos, and bring a list of things you want to be sure to look at (I was cliche and used HGTVs list for looking at homes). The list helps you keep focused and make sure you don’t miss anything though!

    And I’m sure you will, but do lots of research!

    And there, now I’ll probably take this comment and fix it up and add a bit to it and write a blog post 😛 “Tips for a First Time Homebuyer” – keep an eye out for it!

    Good luck girl! Tell us all about it 🙂 post lots of pictures!!

  3. When your father and I purchased this house a little over a year ago I just knew it was the right one before we even walked in the front door. It’s crazy fun and stressful. It will be a great experience I just know it . Congratulations so proud of you and Joey even though we haven’t met if Nana and Auntie like then I know he’s a good guy! Love you hope we get down to see you ! LAMY!!

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