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The holidays get more & more difficult each year it seems. Before I left, it wasn’t so much the gift buying as it was making visits & spending how much time with each family & fitting as many people in as I could. It was hard, & I made myself sick with guilt almost every year because I wasn’t here or there enough. But now after being away, it IS the gift buying that gets to me. Now last year I didn’t try to go all out crazy or anything, but this time I think I have come up with a great gift for everyone. Or maybe I’m just a narcissist, whatever.
Perfect Gift
However, there is one person in my life who proves to be the hardest person to shop for over & over again. Although last year, I completely nailed it. I was able to find & purchase a perfect Christmas gift within my price range, & a year later he still uses it. I am still so proud of that gift, & at first it was so difficult to find before it slapped me in the face one week before Christmas.

I’m afraid that it will not work out so perfectly as it did last year. I at least had a general idea of what I was looking for. This year, he’s given me nothing. I accidentally pointed out something that I wanted at Wal Mart one night & his exact words were “Are you sure? Why don’t you find the best one on the market & tell me where I can find it.” I tried to take it back; I don’t want it! I was totally just kidding! He is sooo not allowed to buy me something like that if he doesn’t drop hints about what he wants for a gift, or if I can’t at least come up with something thoughtful.

Joey seems to have everything. If he doesn’t he buys it on his way home from work like it’s nothing. He’s given me absolutely nothing for an idea, & I am slightly shifting into panic mode. Obviously he’s mentioned the new 2016 Yamaha 450 dirt bike that he would absolutely love to have, but that’s nearly 10K. Only slightly out of my price range, ha!

I do have one other thing in mind, but at this point I’m really not sure how much it’s going to cost. I do know how much it would mean to him though, but it requires a very specific piece that I may have to scavenger the town for, knowing that it must exist at one certain location.

Obviously I can’t tell you what I have in mind, Joey knows I have a blog. But I’ll remember to write a post when, or if, I find what I’m looking for. I found a part of it last year, but I didn’t see a point in making a purchase without the most important piece. We’ll see how it goes I guess. Wish me luck!

Who is the hardest person to shop for in your family? It’s one of the guys right? It’s always one of the guys. Please share on how you come up with Christmas gifts for the men in your lives, because it seems to never seems to get easier!

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2 thoughts on “Gift Ideas – Finding Something Perfect

  1. So frustrating isn’t it? Joey literally JUST bought himself a new video game. Uhm, you couldn’t have just waited a few more weeks & made me feel like I had accomplished something by getting you something you’d actually use? Gahh!! Men, I tell ya!!

  2. Jeff is also impossibly hard to buy for. If he needs or wants something, he goes out to get it. That and coupled with being together for almost 14 years, I’m beyond stumped. I have one, ONE, that’s it. His parents aren’t helpful and his brother is a useless twat so I’m always left feeling like I’ve done a crap job or he knows some of the gifts. At least it he knows, it’s something he wants or knows he needs so I know it’ll be a success, still, though, it’s annoying…

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