Insta Questions

Have you ever been tagged in a random photo on Instagram by an account that promises you more followers?

How do they choose the Insta usernames to tag?

How did they find me?

Was I randomly selected?

Did I win something?

Should I be offended, or flattered?

Does somebody think that I’m desperate for Insta followers?

Or do they think that my photos need to be shared with the whole world?

If that’s the case, why don’t they just share my photos themselves?

If this person thinks I need more followers so badly, why don’t they just follow me?

The photo I was tagged in is the ONLY photo this Insta user has. How do they have 3k+ followers?

Why is the person who tagged me promoting this account that has no photos & follows no one?

Was this person promised Insta fame?

How can you be Insta famous with a private account?

If you want to be Insta famous, doesn’t a private account defeat the purpose?

Am I supposed to want Insta fame?

Am I doing this all wrong?

I’ve recently enrolled in Helene’s Instagram For Success e-course. I highly doubt that I will figure out the answer to any of my questions here, but here’s to hoping that I can step up my Insta game & share some pretty photos! It took me a while to even consider Instagram, so I do have a lot to learn! I’m not necessarily looking to become Insta famous, but they tell you to go with the flow, right?

Oh, & by the way, since your here, go ahead & click on the little pink camera button underneath my photo in the top right corner & follow me!

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