10 Things To Be Happy About

Very late to the game this time around. Didn’t exactly get those posts up that I had planning either. However, it has still been a great week! So many things to be happy about! Don’t forget to link up with Lindsay & Krysten & share what made you happy this week!


1. Spent time with Nana before she had to go back up north for the holidays. We got our Shopkicks in, I think we actually cleaned out the town!

2. Nana bought me my Christmas present, & she even let me have it early! We stopped at BestBuy for Shopkicks & I just wanted to check out the printers for when my imaginary office comes to life. The sales guy let me print a photo STRAIGHT. FROM. MY. PHONE. I gave nana the look & told her that was what I wanted for Christmas, not entirely expecting to be able to take it home the same day. Thanks Nana!

3. My November Ipsy Glam Bag came. They FINALLY sent me a mascara! Winning!

4. Colbie is officially mine! Let me explain a little bit here. I purchased car almost 4 years ago. It’s a Cobalt, so obviously, Colbie was a good name for her. Friday, I have made my last payment, & think this means that I have crossed another line into adulthood. What a milestone!

5. I was going to treat Colbie to a fancy carwash, but the cute boy I live with told me to save the money & did it for me! Whoop Whoop!

6. Ended the work week on a pretty decent note! Almost can’t wait to go in tomorrow & keep moving forward! Keyword here: almost.

7. Spent all day just hanging out with Joey today. He’s always trying to stay busy whether it’s fishing, or riding his dirt bike. But today, he actually slept in & hung out at the house with me. We did a little bit of shopping, but it’s been a while since we’ve been able to spend an entire day together. We went to Home Depot. I didn’t hate it. Another sign of adult hood? Oh jeez!

8. Just redeemed $20 for PayPal from the survey site I use. Just started sitting back down & doing a few each day. Free money for sitting on my laptop? Yes please! I was going to be sitting here anyways. I’m close to getting another one from SwagBucks too!

9. Wednesday, Helene & Taylor hosted a free webinar on how to balance life & blogging. Someday I will find a balance, but let me just say, these ladies are absolutely gorgeous!

10. It’s lame, but I’m kind of impressed with my last selfie on Insta. 😉

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1 thought on “10 Things To Be Happy About

  1. Your last selfie.. Uh YEAH! That blue is gorgeous on you and you look stunning girl!! 🙂
    I missed Helene’s webinar and didn’t have time to watch the replay either … Womp womp. Next one she does, I’m on it.

    That’s so awesome of your Nana getting you such an awesome gift and early, too. My momma took me shopping a week ago and I loved it! I hardly go shopping anymore so it was such a nice treat. And bonus, I’m wearing size 4 pants!!!!! I’ve not worn that size since I was 15 or 16 man!!!!

    Anyways enough babbling. I hope you have a wonderful week girlfriend xoxo

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