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10 Things To Be Happy About

These weeks just seem to be flying right by on me. Every week, before I know it, it’s time to be happy again! I wish I could squeeze more posts in between, but it seems like work is sucking the life out of me & I want to do absolutely nothing once I am home. Which brings me into the first two things on my list today!


1. I’ve enrolled myself in Helene‘s Quit Your Job To Blog e-course! I started blogging almost a year ago now, & have stumbled upon many different blog courses that I was very skeptical about. But I have been following Helene for a little longer, & she’s obviously doing something right because I continue to go back. I have developed this weird unspoken trust for her, & I am confident that I have made the right decision about her e-course over the many others out there. If you do not follow Helene, you should! She’s truly some kind of awesome! 🙂

2. Trying to get back into the blog game! I am so happy that I was able to squeeze in a different post this week, Weird Things To Love About Dogs, inspired by the one & only, Layla Kardashian. I will be hoping, & trying my hardest to get at least two posts in between the happy posts I generally put up on Saturday. (Sorry Lindsay, I know it’s supposed to be on Friday, but I have more time on Saturdays & I can’t Quit My Job To Blog just yet!) 🙂

3. I found a new show on the Flix that Joey will actually watch with me! I started watching episode one of Gotham, & Joey came in halfway through & started making comments about the characters & acted like he already knew what was going on. Apparently it has to do with Batman? Whatever. I had to restart the episode, & now I can’t continue it unless he is here to keep up with me. More time to blog right?

4. I braided my hair the other day just to get it out of my face, & Joey looked over & said “You look like a princess! You should wear your hair like that more often!” Oh the little things! I freaking love him.

5. Today is my day off! I usually don’t mind working Saturdays, but I do enjoy two days off in a row! Time to be lazy, maybe catch up on laundry, lay around, read some posts, you know. The goal is to not change out of my comfy pants.

6. Target!! Who doesn’t love the Target? I think it’s on my happy list every other post! This time I got myself a new mixing bowl (on sale), a baking dish (which even came with a storage lid), & a new lamp (also on sale)! Score!

Changing things up here. Layla’s turn!

Hi guys!

Things have changed a lot around here since the last time I took over mumma’s laptop. That was a long time ago! Mumma should let me take over more often! I have stuff to be happy about this week too so I’m gunna finish mumma’s list for her.

7. Mumma cooked a lot of these little puffy things this week. I think she called them tots? Anyways, she let me have a couple to snack on before dinner & they were soo yummy! My mumma doesn’t cook very often, but when she does, she picks the good stuff!

8. Mumma went to Target this week. Wanna know how I know? Cause I got a new toy! It doesn’t make noise when I squeeze it, but when I let it go & walk away, it makes this loooong weird squeak & turns back into a ball. It’s so cool! But I still don’t get why it doesn’t why it doesn’t make noise when I TRY to make the noise.

9. Daddy put these weird rocks around the house where I go outside to play. They look cool I guess, but I was still able to find a spot for my new hole. Don’t tell my dad! He’ll just go get more rocks.

10. I saw the post that Mumma put up, & how she thinks I’m weird. It makes me so happy to see that she talks about me a lot. I might be a little weird, but I obviously get it from my mom. I like being weird, I think it shows how happy I am & how much I love my Mumma & Daddy.

Thanks for checking out my mom’s page guys! What made you happy this week? My mom would really love it if you shared with her & joined my mom’s friend in her link thingy. Talk to you guys later & have a happy weekend!

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2 thoughts on “10 Things To Be Happy About

  1. So far the course is great! I was overwhelmed at first & thought that I was in wayyyy over my head, but after a few more videos, something clicked & I can’t wait try out some of the methods I’ve learned!

  2. Link up whenever girl, I don’t care when it is you do, it doesn’t bother me any.

    Helene is awesome isn’t she? Let me know how her course is when you’re done.
    I love the princess comment from Joey. That’s so sweet. 😉

    Have a great rest of your weekend my dear. xoxo

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