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Weird Things To Love About Dogs

Our dogs are very different, & so are our reasons for having them in the first place. Once you bring a dog into your home & you get used to each other, your behaviors & routine seems to mold their own unique personalities. Layla is so weird sometimes, but she’s still a puppy & growing up to be such a good little dog. I came up with a list of some of the weird things about her that I just love. Or maybe I’m the weird one for loving completely normal things about dogs. Refer to number 7 & I’ll let you be the judge!

1. When you give her a treat, she runs away. Usually into the other room, & then comes back & acts like it never happened. Like she expects you to give you another treat because the first one never happened.

2. She still does not understand why the puppy in the mirror doesn’t want to play with her. If she gets up in the night & notices the puppy in the mirror, she still randomly barks at it. Other times, she’ll just lay down in front of it & stare. Weird dog.

3. Layla loves going for rides! I know, not very weird for a dog, but the fact that she is only content if she’s on the center console, is. Her feelings are hurt if someone else is in the front seat, so I guess the center console is the next best thing. No matter how uncomfortable it looks.

4. I really did not know that puppy love truly existed. Layla has a boyfriend. He lives next door & his name is Sampson. He peed on her last week so now I guess it’s official.

5 & 6. When Layla was a puppy, she would wake me up early in the morning to take her potty. Only me. Ever. She would get out of bed & sit on my side of the bed right in front of my face & whine louder, & louder, until she found her big girl bark. Now we can’t get her butt out of bed to go potty before we leave for work. We really have to push her off the bed sometimes.

7. Am I the only person who loves the smell of doggie feet? They smell like corn chips for some reason. A reason that the world will never know..

8. Layla loves doing laps around the coffee table & on the bed. Sometimes she gets so excited that she just spins in circles instead. This coming from a dog that can’t get passed a slow trot when we go for a walk is beyond me.

9. Her ears! I love her ears so much! Especially when they’re forward, usually when she is looking for a very specific toy, or there was some sort of movement on the lanai most likely from a lizard. Speaking of which, she caught one the other day. I was impressed, those buggers are not slow..

What are some weird things that your dogs do? Their personalities are so funny sometimes, & sometimes it seems like they think they are human. Tell me about your fur babies!

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3 thoughts on “Weird Things To Love About Dogs

  1. I LOVED reading this post. It’s so sweet! Okay, thought I was the only one that smelled puppy feet. I also like to kiss the bottoms of their feet. 🙂

  2. I laughed so hard at number four. And number seven? I’ve never smelled my dogs feet… you’ve got me on that one 😛 Love this post – can definitely relate to a lot of those things!

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