10 Things To Be Happy About


1. Cleaning & organizing the house on Sunday.

2. Celebrating Joey’s birthday at Prime Steakhouse.

3. Taking Layla Kardashian to PetSmart. It turns out little dog is now a whopping 70 pounds now, & she got switched to a weight control diet. Also, new toys are always fun; & last about twenty minutes.

4. Hawaiian pizza! Whoop whoop!

5. Playing Little Big Planet with Joey.

6. White chocolate & raspberry coffee creamer.

7. Got myself a ticket to the Busch Garden’s Halloween event! Will be going next weekend with a few friends!

8. Went to the comedy club last night with Joey & his coworkers for a fundraising event! My first time to something like that & we had such a great time! We got to see David Beck & Pete George, such funny guys!

9. Layla Kardashian got a bath tonight & smells all flowery & fresh. She didn’t hate it quite as much as she used to, or as much as we were expecting her to. Winning up in herre!

10. This link up. This link up has been the most consistent I have been in a long time, which kind of makes me sad that I don’t have time or am unable to come up with good content on my own, but I am SOO grateful & happy that I have this link up to look forward to every week & it reminds me to dwell on the good things in life to be able to recap it all come the week end. So once again, GIANT shout out to Lindsay & to Krysten for creating such a happy & comforting little space here in the blogging world. Thank you ladies so much!

So how was your week? What are you happy about? What’s going on this weekend?! Anything special happening?
Join the linkup! I see that it’s growing every weekend & I’m trying to get to as many of these blogs that I can, but bear with me a little bit!


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4 thoughts on “10 Things To Be Happy About

  1. You call her Layla Kardashian?! LMAO that’s hysterical!
    Mmmm, steak. How was it?

    You have so many wonderful things on your list this week. I’m having a super tough time trying to balance life and blogging and everything in between. I got a promotion at work and it’s brutal busy. Brutal. It has its positives but man, I don’t even get a second. As in, I’m eating my lunch at 430 pm!!

    You made me smile and my heart felt bigger, kiddo. I/we are grateful to have you and in super glad I met you many many months ago girl.

    Much love to you xox

  2. My glambag wasn’t as impressive this time :/ apparently ipsy thinks I need to learn how to use eye shadow & lip liner & all I want is a new mascara & facial toner. Maybe a new pair of tweezers. Is that so much to ask?

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