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Puppy Lesson #268

Well, we did it. We went out to eat last night & decided to leave Layla out of the cage just to see what would happen. We were only gone for about two hours, but it was the longest time we’ve left her alone without putting her in the crate. She hasn’t had a potty accident in months, & now that I think about it, I haven’t had to defend a pair of shoes in a while either. I guess my main concern is her toys. She doesn’t retire her toys once they are played out; it doesn’t matter what material the toy is made out of, she’ll eat it.

We got home last night, & the only mess we came home to was all of the stuffing ripped out of one of her toys. I was actually impressed! There was stuffing all over the place, but my couch was still in one piece, three pairs of shoes didn’t get touched, nor was the trash can tipped over. I’ll take it! I can’t get mad at my dog for playing with her own toys, even if I do have a lot of stuffing to clean up. I was such a happy Mumma, that I decided I would leave her out of her cage again today while I was at work. A whole 5 & 1/2 hours. Home. Alone. By herself. Three extra hours for her to come up with a conspiracy plan to destroy the entire house. But again I came home to a destroyed doggie toy & a carpet covered with stuffing, everything else untouched. My little girl’s not such a baby dog anymore, & here I thought I was going to need to put her in Day Care before I tried leaving her out! Next lesson is Boundaries 101 (learning to stay in her own yard, off the leash.)

So tell me, how long did it take you to trust your babies home alone without a crate while you were away? Should I have tried to leave her out sooner? Do you have any tips on how to keep her in your own yard? We seem to be struggling a bit with this one..

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3 thoughts on “Puppy Lesson #268

  1. Thanks Lindsay! I’m mostly worried about her ingesting part of one her toys that she won’t be able to pass. I’m so proud of her not touching anything else!!

  2. Basically, if you’re worried about something is going to get destroyed, it just very well might. Put your shoes in a closet.
    Leave a radio on or some low level noise for her as a distraction. Kongs with peanut butter frozen are a great treat to give as you’re walking out the door.
    Sounds like what you’re doing is working though. 🙂 good job!

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