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Day Care!

My little girl is growing up so fast! I remember how tiny she was the day we brought her home, & how big her crate seemed compared to her size. We called it her ‘palace’. Little girl is nine months now, & Joey & I have decided to start leaving her out of the cage for small periods of time while we’re away. Nothing longer than an hour; just long enough to make a quick grocery trip or something. We’ve only done this a couple times in the past two weeks or so, & so far, we haven’t come home to any messes! Sucha good baby dog!!

I’ve been thinking though, that it wouldn’t hurt to enroll Miss Layla into a day care. Only once a week for now on my short days, but I think the extra socialization & exercise will be good for her!
I brought Layla to My Buddies Pet Care last month for her pedicure, & I was really impressed at how quick they were & really how they treated my baby girl. After I did a little simple research, I discovered that they offer day care services, & I really think that Layla would love going.

I’ll be bringing Layla back for her pedicure next week, & see if I can introduce Layla to the day care to see how she gets along with all the other doggies. Have you taken your doggie to day care? Please share your experiences!

Of course, I can’t help but share a few pictures of Baby Dog from earlier this week!



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2 thoughts on “Day Care!

  1. Thanks for sharing Kara! Poor Eggo! I’m sure it was a big misunderstanding! Layla loves every kind of attention she can get; from other dogs or people, so I think she’ll fit in pretty well. It is quite a bit to take them every day, so I’ll just stick with one day just to get her out of the house & keep her busy.

  2. Tim and I used to take Eggo to daycare. He used to go every week day, all day while we were at work. We were paying about $70-$75 a week, but we couldn’t stand to crate him and were afraid of him making a mess. Granted, he got kicked out eventually for provoking fights, but he did really well for a really long time at two different places. We finally started trying to leave him home alone uncrated after he got kicked out-he did okay, ate a few things here and there-but we saved a ton of money that way. In our new place he gets free roam of the guest room, which is pretty much just a bed and some toys, so he’s got more room now and there’s nothing for him to get into which is good, and we are enjoying saving the money. I’m also able to go home at lunch and let him out. He doesn’t get nearly as much exercise now though, or the socialization. The move has really helped him though, he used to be really timid and defensive which I think started to be reflected at daycare which is why he got kicked out-he’s gotten a lot better having more people around and does so much better with strangers now though! Maybe I should look into enrolling him a couple times a week again.

    It’s a good thing to try for sure, and the exercise will be really good for her! It does get expensive fast, I like your idea of only doing a few hours a week. Let us know how it goes! I bet she’ll love it!!

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