Life Lately; A Small Recap

So much for being “on top of it” for the month of April. I have no excuses, nor any idea what has happened. I’m just now realizing how badly I’ve neglected my little blog. Not just through April, but it’s also hit me that we’re 13 days into May now & I only have one post for the whole month so far. I should be fired. I do have some great things to share though! Like, I’ve finally reached the end of my Shoelover notebook, but it’s okay because Nana got me a new notebook for my birthday, & of course, it has some shoe love all over it. She knows me so well. So this is the first post written in the new notebook. Whoop whoop!
This past Friday now, was Nana’s birthday. All of last week, at every store that I walked into, I had to search & search to find a little gold ring that had an emerald gemstone. I didn’t think that it would be so hard to find one, but by the time I had even thought of that for a gift idea, Amazon was out of the question. So I went up to visit, & took her to lunch; meaning pulled pork nachos, obviously. You can NEVER go wrong with pulled pork nachos. Turns out, as we sat down for lunch, she had already found herself a little gold ring with an emerald gemstone, therefore I was out of the clear. We’ve agreed that I just need to stop at one of the local shops to pick up a pair of requested earrings, & we’ll call it even.
Then there was mothers day. If I wasn’t fired before, I definitely am now. What kind of blogger doesn’t touch upon these kinds of holidays & events? I suck right about now. But anyways, I hope all of the Mummas out there had a wonderful day. Especially my Mumma of course, & this is where I wish that I had a more recent photo of us together. It’s funny how once you get older, you can reflect on some of the things you’ve done as a kid, & now see it from your Mumma’s perspective, & can’t help but feel a little bit embarrassed. Sorry Mumma! Love you!
Also, I have friends that are staying about an hour & a half away while they are down visiting. Since we all know that I love Visits From Home, it should be obvious that I got on the interstate immediately after work Saturday to spend the evening with them. I’ll be going back up this weekend too, so I’ll be putting a post together later about our visit. However, I do have to mention that my girl made chicken for dinner, & it was absolutely amazing. Now, when it comes to chicken, I get so paranoid because I usually cook it on the stove & I literally have to watch it cook, & therefore have a hard time telling if it’s safely cooked all the way or not. But this chicken that she put together to cook in the ovem was so simple, that I was able to remake for Joey the next night after work, & I didn’t worry at all about it cooking all the way through or not. It was PERFECT. I’ll have to remember to take pictures next time & list out each step so I can share!

Layla for some reason really did not want me to write up this post. She would not stop whining at the foot of the bed while I was writing, & it got to the point where she jumped up onto the bed & laid down right on top of my notebook, as if to say “put down the damn pen & rub my belly!” I wish I could have gotten a picture, but by the time I got my phone out of the other room, she had gotten off the bed. She did continue to stare at me though.. Poor little girl is sooo neglected..
That’s it for now, but tell me; how was your Mother’s Day?

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3 thoughts on “Life Lately; A Small Recap

  1. She ALWAYS wants attention!! Haha I love it when she actually wants to snuggle though <3 <3

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