10 Perfect Excuses For Procrastination

I’ve been trying to write this post for like, four days now. Okay, I lied. Not this exact post, but something. It’s funny how you can get one brief idea & run with it, as opposed to actually taking time to brainstorm & put things together. So these are all the excuses for why I’ve had to put off my original idea for this week.
Excuse #6
Excuse # 1. You’ve fallen behind in reading your favorite blogs, because you were too busy finding new blogs to read. Go ahead & put that important thing off to catch up on just ONE more post!

Excuse # 2. You have way too many tabs open in your browser. What was I doing in that tab before I started rewriting this post for the third time? Yep, I gotta check those out real quick. I’ll pick this back up after I remember what the other tabs are open for. They might be more important.

Excuse # 3. You have three pairs of shoes in the entry way. What if the dog grabs one while you are so busy working on that super important post? Yeah, I thought you’d be pretty upset about that. Might as well pick up the rest of the unnecessary clutter around the house while you’re at it.

Excuse #4. What? Where did all these emails come from in the “junk” folder? Well we better make sure that they all really are “junk”! There might be some very informative ads in there. What if you missed a deal for Charlotte Russe two months ago?

Excuse # 5. Why is that recipe for pumpkin swirl cheesecake pin in the “For The Home” board? Guess you need to go through all of those pin boards & make sure the organization is precise. It’s so hard to focus when your pins aren’t in order. I completely understand.

Excuse # 6. Your dog is chewing on her favorite toy? You better snap a picture of her RIGHT NOW because she might not be as cute while she’s chewing on it later.

Excuse # 7. You’re so so so thirsty & you finally decide that you need to make up for lost time on the resolution you’ve vowed three years ago to drink more water. You’re parched, might as well chug eight glasses right now.

Excuse # 8. You need to pee, AGAIN, because you’ve dramatically changed your lifestyle to “fish mode” within two hours. What? Water is good for you. Don’t judge me.

Excuse # 9. Stumble Upon = perfect time killer.

Excuse #10. That laundry that you’ve put off for the past three days because you had more important things to take care of? I think it’s time to get that done while you’re putting something else off. You’re welcome.

C’mon now, we all do it! What are some of your excuses? Better yet, what do you DREAD doing so badly, that you’ve used every single one of my excuses? I’ve just noticed that my comments section is back! Share your excuses people!! (We could all add a few more excuses to our lists here, I know I need a few more! Haha!)

2 thoughts on “10 Perfect Excuses For Procrastination

  1. I’m really bad about drinking water. Any excuse works right? Haha! Thanks for reading Grammie F!

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