10 Things Forgotten About Cold Weather

It was a surprise to me how cold it can get in Florida! Here's what you should remember about the cold!

Moving out of New England almost two years ago, I thankfully haven’t had to deal with any snow storms or freezing rain & ice. Last week here in Florida has been brutal for me. I know, I really shouldn’t complain, 36 degrees isn’t all that bad; when you’re up north. I don’t remember the cold bothering me so badly up there, unless it was below 0. The cold was just part of the northern lifestyle. In Florida, 36 degrees definitely caught me off guard, & it seems that I have completely forgotten a few necessary things to survive this cold weather.

It was a surprise to me how cold it can get in Florida! Here's what you should remember about the cold!

1. It’s always good to have a pair of slippers. I am not much of a morning person, therefore I like to wake up slowly while drinking my coffee. Being instantly awake from the shock of the freezing kitchen floor is just a bad way to start the day. At least this is an easy fix.

2. The second you step out of a peaceful, steamy hot shower, is the worst temperature shock ever. The shock might not reach your body until you open the bathroom door to let that steam out, but I know that this is the moment that you’re just dreading. So much for peaceful, & yes, it is worse than that of the kitchen floor. It’s worse because there is really no realistic solution for it, unless you have your heat cranked up to like, 80. Not practical.

3. Make sure your hair is dry before leaving the house. Up north you will regret this for obvious reasons, but even if it’s not cold enough to freeze solid, cold wet hair is still miserable. In Florida, I usually don’t blow dry my hair because more often than not, ten minutes of being outside & it’s good to go! This mistake has been made..

4. Starting your car ten minutes before needing to leave. This was such an unquestionable habit up north, & now I’m so used to instantly rolling the windows down so that I don’t suffocate in the heat. I totally should have known better the past couple of days.

5. Stock up on hot cocoa. Or tea & honey if that’s your thing. Funny story – I ran out of sugar for my coffee LAST week so I instead used my hot cocoa. When we ran out of creamer, Joey was okay with using up the milk for his coffee, & I switched to tea & honey because milk just freaks me out & I still didn’t have sugar. Then go figure, 36 degree weather & I’m out of anything to use for a warm beverage. Anything to put off going to the grocery store one more day.. Yeah, I’m going to stop that horrible habit. Lesson learned!

6. Make sure to keep an extra mascara in the pocketbook. When it’s this cold in Florida, crazy winds are going to be a sure thing. Cold wind leads to watery eyes, & watery eyes obviously leads to a necessary touch up.

7. Our outside dog hitch has been extremely convenient these past few days. This way I don’t have to freeze while Layla takes 20 minutes to find a new, “just the right spot”. Mom, why did we never consider having one of these? Just curious..

8. There IS a plus side to panty hose. Layers are the key to surviving cold weather. I remember having to wear tights or leggings under my jeans, along with two tank tops, a long sleeve under the tee-shirt. Then comes the hoodie & finally the winter jacket before you’re good to go! Can’t say I’ll miss that too much, but I’ll stop complaining about the panty hose for the time being.

9. Cold weather fashion! Not that I was really into being fashionable or anything, but the cold is a great excuse for cute sweaters & scarves. I miss my cute little peacoat too, now that I think about it. Then there are boots. Doesn’t really need to be cold for those, I’m sure I’ll find another excuse to wear them.

10. Of course, there’s one thing I haven’t forgotten! So thankful to have them right about now too! YAY PURPLE MITTENS!! Thank you Grammie F!! Love you!!

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