Always Prepared

I’ve been working on a post for two days now, not this one, but one that I’m hoping to make “pin-able”. I’m struggling with the code though, it keeps changing things that it just shouldn’t. I had hoped to spend the evening messing around with the code so that I could get it posted ASAP, but obviously since this post went up first, my evening hadn’t gone quite as it was planned.
I ask Joey every couple of weeks if we can go out to Buffalo Wild Wings, & we always compromise on some other place. Tonight when I got home, the first thing that I was told was, “we’re going out to watch the race tonight”. Honestly, I was so not impressed. Alexxasays is my precious baby & I wanted to waste every minute of my night figuring out all of the difficulties I’ve been having with the code. It wasn’t until after twenty minutes of pouting in the truck did I realize where we were going. Oops. Sorry babe! Even though I really did want that post to up tonight instead.
After I chose to get over it for the sake of Buffalo Wild Wings, I decided that while Joey watched his race, it would be a good chance to write out a few post in my little notebook so I could get ahead of the game a little bit. Once we sat down, I nearly cried. I had left my notebook behind for the first time ever. I have no idea how I’ve forgotten it, I ALWAYS have it with me. After completely & frantically dumping out my pocketbook in search of anything to write on, I found this purple mini organizer that my Nana had given me months go. She gave me this so I could write down & store recipes, & she tucked a bunch of note cards in there for me as well. I cannot express the joy & how relieved I was to find these. Thank you Nana! Not only for the organizer & notecards, but also for a good comeback story to post tonight! Love you!

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