Green House Obsession

I suppose it could be worse. Surprisingly enough, I am not talking about blogging here. It all started back in November after we had put our dog search to rest. My Nana had just got back to town & we spent the day shopping, & found ourselves in the garden section at Home Depot. I used to absolutely freaking HATE going to the garden section with my Nana & Aunt, I cannot even explain how much it just flat out bothered me. Here I go again; making another realization about growing up. Anyways, I stumbled upon this little green sprout that looked like it had pink zebra stripes. Immediately, the thought running through my mind was, “I’m obviously not getting a dog, might as well find out if I can take care of a plant”. We got Layla two days later, but that’s not where this story is going.


As you can see here, & from the pictures in Layla’s gallery, I am a much better dog mom than I am a green house care taker. The top part is still growing, but for every new leaf that sprouts from the top, the lowest leaf on the stalk falls off. Anyone have a clue what I’m doing wrong? But this little issue with the pink zebra plant didn’t stop me, nope. For anyone who has followed me on Keep In Touch, knows I have a really hard time passing the dollar bins at Target. Or if you shop at Target yourself, you totally understand the struggle. Around Christmas time, in the dollar bins obviously, there was a Christmas tree grow kit. For a dollar. Uhm, duh, I bought it. Although it’s not very big, it seems like it’s doing okay. Then for Valentine’s Day, there were strawberries, & Forget-Me-Not flowers. I can’t stop. I just can’t!

christmastree (2)

Tonight Joey made the mistake of bringing me to Home Depot with him. We left with a pink spotted ivy, that I found the PERFECT pink pot for at Walmart, & we couldn’t pass up the his & hers neon cactus. Just for the record, this is me NOT caring about what the correct plural term for what two cacti would be. Cactuses? Probably not. Not caring! Yes, that actually me caring just a little bit..



Hoping that my pink zebra striped plant will come back to life, & that I don’t end up killing the rest of them. I really like the mini Buzzyseeds growing kits. Maybe I’m weird, but I think the little clay pots are so stinkin’ cute lined up on the lanai frame. I want at least two more plants at this point. One to hang in the corner of the lanai, & then something kind of tall & tropical looking that can sit in the corner of the living room. Or dining room. Or like 6 more cacti, (cactus’, cactuses, whatever) to put on random shelves all over the house. Baha! We’ll see what’s still alive in 6 months before I turn the entire house into a jungle of dead plant matter.


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