Oh heyyyyy!!! What does everyone think?! So far, I am LOVING the additional customization alternatives that are available & I think I have everything set up just about the way that I want. So happy I had the option to choose a pink skin! I thought I had this whole WordPress thing figured out; I didn’t realize that would change the minute I select a different theme! I spent probably three hours this morning making sure everything looked “just right” on the front page. I still think it looks like it’s missing something, but I don’t want to over do it either. What do you think?


Today is my Mumma’s birthday, & I felt like a butthead all day because her card didn’t get mailed out. Oops! Sorry Mumma, I’ve had the card for over a week & I thought I had stamps.. Your card will be there soon! I mentioned to Joey probably two weeks ago now, “My Mumma’s birthday is next week”, & it was funny because his response was, “We should throw her a party!” Uhm, okay, sure! We can throw her a party, but she might have a hard time getting here. So yes Mumma, we’ve actually put a lot of thought into this. Next time we see you, whether you’re in Florida, or we come up home, we need to have a party. Sorry, it just needs to happen. Ooh! I actually just had a great, RANDOM, idea too for your birthday present! I just saw it at the store, I knew I should have bought it right then & there! Love you!

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